Intelligent Body Sensors
Experience more effective massages with sensors that
detect your individual body shape to deliver just the right
amount of pressure and massage to precise points.
Full Pressure Control
From a gentle to much deeper massage, it’s up to you. Our built-in twin rollers now extend further at 7 cm at 6 levels and 3 intensity modes.
Humanlike “hands”
Enjoy the most humanised, massage chair possible. Our dual-surface twin rollers are made from soft, durable silicon to mimic the hands of a real massage.


1 Strategically placed Remote Control so that you can use it with ease during the massage session.

2 46 Air bags & 4 Jade Rollers located at strategic points to give you a professional massage experience.

3 Localized Auto Programme gives precise massage at the exact part of the body for better localized massage effect.

4 High quality processed leather, having rich aesthetic appeal.

5 Elegant design of side panels, improves the ambience of interiors and furnitures.
6 The new type of zero-gravity system allows one's back and buttocks to be tilted at 40 degrees, so as a result body weight will be evenly distributed on the massage chair, and allows the human body to be into a zero-gravity state, which would make one enjoy a most  comfortable and relaxing massage experience.

7 Equipped with an Auto Function that adjusts length of footrest assembly according to the user's leg length for a more effective massage.

8 This chair is equipped with a Scan function so that the massage position can be adjusted according to the user's height for a more effective massage. The chair will start to scan the user's back and legs, will detect the best massage possible.


REFRESH IN THE MORNING: Wake up with a good stretch to warm up your muscles with Smart Mode.
RELAX IN THE AFTERNOON: Ease tight muscle and soothe your senses with a gentle Healthcare Mode.
UNWIND IN THE EVENING: Chill out after a hard day’s work and let the massage stimulate you Acupuncture points to promote natural healing and blood circulation with Relax Mode.
CALM IN ALL-DAY: Enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage that pampers the whole body by improving blood circulation. Good for people suffering from Diabetes, Blood Pressure. Low intensity is helpful for those in golden years.
Correct spinal alignment
is possible with Zero Gravity Position. This position allows your Muscle to rest, your spinal disc to normalise and your body to be relieved of pressure.
Improves Lymphatic Flow
as your muscle are relaxed lymph flow is increased to flush out waste & boost your body.
Reduces Stress on Heart
as your legs are elevated at zero gravity angle, blood flow to heart is increased and it can pump blood more easily through out the body.
Improves Blood Circulation
as its relaxes you and through activation of acupressure points more oxygen rich blood is pumped throughout your body.